For HR Professionals

In many cases, early advice can save employers the cost and worry of an unnecessary trial.  A high proportion of employment cases are settled out of court, and instructing a barrister greatly strengthens your hand at negotiation.  A barrister's training in advocacy and instinct as to what will (and won’t) appeal to judges makes a big difference to the outcome of a case.

About half of Daniel’s work is on direct instruction from both in-house and independent HR professionals.  Daniel has 25 years’ experience guiding employers through tricky dismissals and helping them defend employment tribunal claims.  He can help you deal with solicitors’ correspondence and will run a tribunal case from beginning to end, involving you at all stages.  He will listen carefully to what you have to say, keep his communications clear and free of jargon, meet agreed deadlines, keep you informed of progress, tell you in advance what he is going to do and not exceed any estimated fees without discussing the reasons with you first.

Daniel's fee will usually be based on an hourly rate but in some circumstances, a fixed fee may be agreed. To obtain a quotation for legal services, please contact the clerks.