Delivered rock-solid support & recommendations in tricky discrimination case, saving us a lengthy and
potentially costly trial.

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Barrister Services

Barristers are self-employed individuals, most of whom are specialist advocates and advisors in particular areas of law. We are independent and objective and trained to advise clients on the strengths as well as the weaknesses of their case. We have specialist knowledge and experience in and out of courts/tribunals which can make a substantial difference to the outcome of a case. We carry out all our work personally.

In recent years, it has become possible for companies to instruct barristers directly without going through a solicitor.

In several cases early advice can save employers the cost and worry of an unnecessary trial. A high proportion of employment cases are settled out of court and instructing a barrister greatly strengthens the client's hand at negotiation. Even at a tribunal hearing, good cross-examination and a well-argued case will impress the tribunal. A barrister's training in advocacy can make a big difference to the outcome of a case.

Specialist employment law barristers can, amongst other things, advise you on dismissal procedures, prepare contracts and important letters, and help to win or defeat employment claims.

The above text is adapted, with permission, from that on the Bar Council website. For more information about barristers, please click here.