Costs in Employment Tribunals

Jordan Publishing
2nd edition, 2014
Hardback 270 pages, £90
by Daniel Barnett, Samantha Cooper and Kate Palka

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Costs orders are however now becoming more common in tribunal cases where one party has acted unreasonably or where the bringing or conduct of the case was misconceived. Employment lawyers must therefore be aware of how to obtain costs awards for clients, and how to avoid having one made against their clients, even if they are the winning party.

Costs in Employment Tribunals meets the needs of practitioners, analysing what tribunals are doing, and more importantly, why they are doing so. Uniquely, it draws on decisions in over 100 unreported tribunal cases where costs were awarded or refused, offering the reader clarity on how costs decisions are made in the cases that make up the bread and butter of their practice. Each chapter deals with costs arising out of particular circumstances, and the book also covers costs in other courts and enforcement issues.


Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Costs In Employment Tribunals

Part 3 - Costs in other Courts

Part 4 - Enforcement