Employment Investigations

Employee Investigations

** No longer available to purchase **

In this CD and accompanying book, Daniel Barnett teaches HR professionals and line managers exactly how to conduct a disciplinary or grievance investigation.  Covering all the steps, from selecting and briefing the investigator through to a checklist on drafting the report, you'll learn how to set up, conduct and craft the perfect investigation report.

  • What is HR's role in an investigation?
  • How do you pick your investigator?
  • When can you suspend the employee? What are the five ways suspension can lead to a constructive dismissal claim?
  • What are the pros and cons of involving the police?
  • How do you deal with the problem of anonymous informers? Or fellow employees who request confidentiality?
  • Can you rely on covert surveillance evidence?
  • What should you say at the outset of, during, and at the end of the investigation meeting?
  • What reasonable adjustments should you consider?
  • Note taking versus audio recordings - which will a tribunal prefer?
  • Techniques for questioning the employee during the hearing
  • How to write the investigation report