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Update on Fee-paid Judges' Pensions

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The Ministry of Justice has issued a statement in fee-paid judicial cases, following the recent decision in O'Brien v Ministry of Justice.

If you are a fee-paid judge (and thus affected), you need to read the statement in full.  In summary, the MOJ is setting up a claims handling system for eligible fee-paid judicial office holders, intended to remedy the less favourable treatment. Non-pension claim payments will only be made to claimants who have brought, or could bring, a claim in time (taking into account any extension) whose claim relates to payments due from 7 April 2000 onwards.
If you are a potential claimant and your non-pension claim would have been in time for the purposes of regulation 8(2) of the 2000 Regulations as at 3 June 2013, the Ministry of Justice invites you to particularise your losses and from 1 June 2014 to 31 August 2014 to submit your claim to the Judicial Pay Claims team at the contact address below. The Judicial Pay Claims team will seek to reconcile your claim with Ministry of Justice records in order to arrive at a settlement. This offer applies to eligible fee-paid judicial office-holders in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland insofar as their potential claim is against the Ministry of Justice.