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Tribunals Update

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Two points of interest:

1. Sir Ernest Ryder, the senior President of Tribunals, has given a speech in which he says (at the bottom of p6) that the Courts & Tribunals Service is considering testing video hearings for case management and simple cases in employment tribunals, together with new sophisticated booking arrangements for judges, hearing rooms and cases.

2. Meanwhile, the minutes (just published) of the September 2018 national employment tribunals user group meeting record that the most recent statistics indicate a 165% increase in single claims (it would take a 200% increase to return to pre-fee levels). The minutes record that at least one tribunal is listing longer cases as far away as 2020 (and it is being reported on Twitter that Croydon and Manchester tribunals are listing longer hearings in 2021). These delays will be alleviated, at least in part, as new salaried and fee-paid employment judges are appointed over the next year or so.