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Tribunal Service Annual Report

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Thanks to Louise Jones of 1 Temple Gardens for preparing this summary.

The Tribunals Service Annual Report and Accounts have been published today, marking the third year of the Tribunals Service. Important announcements for employment lawyers include:

  • Caseflow, a joint project between the Tribunal Service and ACAS, and which is an electronic case management system, will be piloted at the end of June 2009 and is expected to roll-out to all employment tribunal offices by the Summer 2010. It is hoped Caseflow will be an IT solution for the efficient processing of claims and their transfer between the Tribunals Service and local ACAS offices.
  • the results of the pilot tests of judicial mediation conducted in the employment tribunals in the last year have been very positive, with judicial mediation on a specific subset of cases having been rolled out to all employment tribunal regional offices in England and Wales in January 2009. Work is currently underway to develop a similar scheme in Scotland.
  • Work progresses on the plan to move employment tribunal IT systems to the standard Ministry of Justice IT infrastructure; this should be complete by September 2009.