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Tribunal Fees: An Update

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This email contains important updates about the tribunal fee regime, which begins on Monday 29th July 2013.

1.  The Ministry of Justice has, this afternoon, issued various leaflets.  They are Employment Tribunal Fees for Individuals, Employment Tribunal Fees for Groups and Multiples, Employment Appeal Tribunal Fees, ET and EAT Fees: Do I have to pay them? and Stakeholder Factsheet.

2.  Unison's application for judicial review of the fees regime has been refused on paper, presumably on the grounds it has no reasonable prospect of success. It has requested an oral hearing for permission, which is listed to be heard at 10am on Monday.  A representative from Unison is attending my London Employment Law MasterClass on Monday to announce and discuss the result from the podium.

3.  Fox & Partners' judicial review in Scotland is (probably) going to be heard in October, and the government has undertaken to refund all fees paid if the JR is ultimately successful.  The MOJ's information sheet has been updated to reflect this undertaking.

4.  Tomorrow (Thursday), at 11am and 2pm, I am holding a free 45 minute telephone seminar when I'll be discussing the new tribunal fee regime (and at which I'll also be telling you a little about my MasterClasses).  Places are limited to 1,000 people on each call - if you haven't already signed up, claim your free place here.  Calls are at national rates (4.3p per minute from a BT line)

5.  A reminder: the website for submitting ET1 forms online will be taken offline at 4pm on Friday.  Get your online applications in before then to avoid fees.

6.  The new ET1 and ET3 forms, which must be used after 29th July 2013, are not yet available. They will be published on Monday morning online.