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Temporary Typist / Paralegal

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I am looking for a typist / paralegal to sit next to me during a four week employment tribunal case in Manchester during July 2011, and type a (thorough) note of all evidence, submissions etc during the course of the trial.

Place: Employment Tribunal, The Parsonage (off Deansgate), Manchester City Centre

Dates: Tuesday 5th July to Friday 29th July (subject to case finishing or settling early)

Hours: About 9.45am to 4.30pm (subject to court sitting slightly early or late)

Equipment: Bring your own laptop, or I can provide an iPad and keyboard

Pay: £85 per day, self-employed basis

Skills: 70+wpm typing (100% accuracy unnecessary, as long as it is comprehensible

If you are interested, please contact me on (with a mini-CV), and I will ask you to take a short, online, speed typing test. Please note I am away between 1st and 7th June, so you will receive an out of office reply, but I will respond on or shortly after 7th June.

Closing date: Tuesday 7 June 2011