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Solution to New EAT Website problem

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In a bulletin yesterday, I pointed out that an unfortunate side-effect of this weekend's revamp of the EAT website is that all previous links to EAT judgments on my bulletins no longer work. As you may know the website hosts an archive of my bulletins in its subscription area.

I've now been told by Henry Scrope, who heads the team running the site, that they have found a solution and have already reconstituted all links to EAT judgments on the emplaw website, including links to EAT judgments from the archive of my bulletins. So if you are a subscriber to emplaw, the problem should be a non-problem.

At his request, I am happy to point out that subscribers to the professional area on now receive at no extra cost a twice weekly web-updater e-mail of links to latest employment-law related material available free on the web. To help avoid 'information overload', it starts with a sifted section of around half a dozen of the more significant items. offers free trial passwords to the professional subscription area - send an e-mail to