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Sexual Harassment

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The Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010) Act 2023 has received Royal Assent, and will come into force in October 2024.

This is an important piece of legislation when it comes to sex harassment litigation, and I’m explaining what employers need to do now at next month.

In short, from next year all employers will be under a statutory duty to take reasonable steps to prevent sex harassment in the workplace.  If employers fail to take reasonable steps to prevent sex harassment, then the Equality and Human Right Commission can take enforcement steps, plus any successful tribunal claim will be subject to a compensation uplift of up to 25%.

To learn more (but only if you’re an HR Professional), join me at (seven cities around the UK).

And if you want to know what you should be doing now to take ‘reasonable steps’ to prevent sex harassment, I made it all very clear in this tweet: