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Scotland ETs - Roll out of Document Upload Centre

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The Employment Tribunal offices in Scotland are now offering access to a Document Upload Centre, which is designed to make it easier for tribunal users to submit larger sets of productions (i.e. hearing bundles).

For smaller documents (under 35Mb), users should continue to use the same ​arrangements as before (​i.e. submission by email). 

If document​ bundles are too large to send via email (typically over 35Mb), the documents can be shared with ET offices using file sharing services, or if this is not possible, using the Tribunal’s own Document Upload Centre​.

From Monday 24th January 2022, please email if you require access to the Document Upload Centre. On receipt of your email an online folder will be created for you and you will then be sent a link to that folder. Once you receive access to the online folder, the attached guidance document explains the process to be followed to upload documents.  

Please note, only PDF files can be uploaded to the Document Upload Centre.

Once all documents have been uploaded, the team should be told by emailing