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Redundancy Dismissals - Suitable Alternative Employment

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The EAT has held, in Fisher v Hoopoe Finance Ltd., that where there are one or more possibilities of suitable alternative employment available to an employee who is to be made redundant, then the employer should normally inform the employee of the financial prospects of those positions to enable the employee to make an informed choice. A failure to provide such information (unless impractical, for example if the salary has not been set) is likely to make any dismissal unfair and, presumably, likely to render it reasonable for the employee to refuse the offer.

That appeares relatively uncontroversial. Of greater interest, is an indication by the EAT (HHJ Birtles presiding) that a failure by an employee to indicate an interest in a particular position and/or to request further information (including financial information) is a factor which the Employment Tribunal may wish to take into account in reducing the basic and compensatory awards on grounds of contributory fault.

Fisher v Hoopoe Finance Ltd EAT 2005 . (see para. 17)