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Principles for Compensating Pension Loss - Second Revision

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The Fourth Edition of the Principles for Compensating Pension Loss was issued in August 2017, and the First Revision in November 2019. A significant feature of the First Revision was the inclusion in Appendix 2 of extracts from the Ogden Tables at the new statutory discount rate of minus 0.25%. However, the Scottish Government has decided not to adopt that new discount rate but to retain the previous rate of minus 0.75%. As a consequence a Second Revision has been produced in which Appendix 2 also provides tables at the minus 0.75% rate for use in Scotland.

The revised document and a further Addendum to the Presidential Guidance explaining the position are available here for England and Wales, and here for Scotland.

Litigants and representatives should now refer to the Second Revision rather than to the original Fourth Edition.