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Press Bulletin CRE Statement on British National

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In the last half-hour, speaking at the TUC conference, CRE Chairman Trevor Phillips has promised to back any trade union which expels any member of the British National Party (BNP).

Daniel Barnett, barrister at 2 Gray's Inn Square Chambers, comments:

"The BNP may try to take advantage of new laws coming in later this year, which prevent unions expelling members because of their philosophical beliefs. If hatred of other races and religions is deemed a philosophical belief, unions will be prohibited from expelling them.

"Moreover, the CRE may find itself liable to pay compensation to BNP members if it has supported the unions in unlawfully expelling them.

"But these new laws do not come in until December, so unions are safe following Trevor Phillips' call before then."

Note to Editor

Daniel Barnett is a barrister specialising in employment and discrimination law. He can be contacted on by telephone on 020 7440 8499.