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Paralegal sought

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Daniel Barnett is looking for someone to help with a one-off piece of research, involving:


  • locating and reviewing relevant extracts from Hansard and parliamentary committee papers, to try to establish legislative intention; and,
  • caselaw research on a piece of statutory interpretation.


The ideal candidate will have a first-class or postgraduate degree, and will be accustomed to spending time in the library. S/he will be academically minded and thorough, whilst being able to work efficiently and quickly. The position is offered on a self-employed basis, acting as a paralegal, and the appointee will need to have access to a full legal library (eg an Inn of Court library). It is envisaged that about 10-15 hours work will be required. Further work may be available, but this is offered as a one-off task.


If you are interested in working with me, please send me an email, attaching a CV and setting out in the body of the email (in no more than 200 words) what experience you have that makes you a good candidate. My email address is deliberately not included in this post (as it would get picked up by spam bots), but is on the 'Contact Me' page on my website.


Closing date: 4pm Friday, 4th February 2011