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New: Principles for Calculating Pension Loss

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The fourth edition of the tribunal’s Guidance on Compensating Pension Loss has just been released, following last year’s consultation exercise.  It was last revised over ten years ago, in 2004.  The new document is to be called “The Principles”, so as to avoid confusion with the associated Presidential Guidance (which is signed by the Presidents of both England & Wales, and Scotland).
The main Principles set out how to cover different types of pension losses in the employment tribunal.  There are a variety of appendices (including a summary of the benefits of the main public sector defined benefit schemes, 'at a glance' Ogden Tables and nearly 50 pages of worked examples).  On a quick glance, it looks comprehensive, comprehensible and massively helpful.
IMPORTANT: There is also a new Agenda for Case Management Hearings, with a new question 3.5 dealing with pensions.  This should be used at preliminary hearings involving case management going forward.