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Masks in Employment Tribunals

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The President of Employment Tribunals in England and Wales, Judge Barry Clarke, has asked for the following message to be circulated:

"HMCTS has previously stated that people are required to wear face coverings in public areas of courts and tribunal centres in England and Wales. Following the relaxation of restrictions in England with effect from 19 July 2021, HMCTS has confirmed that this requirement remains in place. The revised organisation risk assessment is now available online here.

"In the Employment Tribunals in England and Wales, all Employment Judges and non-legal members will continue to act in accordance with previous guidance from the Senior President. This is to the effect that, during any hearing involving in-person attendance, they will strongly encourage the wearing of face coverings by everyone in the hearing room, except for the judge/member or a person who is directly addressing the tribunal.

"The general approach to in-person and video hearings in Employment Tribunals remains as set out at pages 5 and 6 of the 2021-22 road map (here)."