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Government Abandons Sunset Clause Part 2

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Yesterday we reported that the government was abandoning the sunset clause in the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill (i.e. the automatic revocation of all EU legislation, unless expressly retained, on 31 December 2023).

It has now published the list of EU based statutory instruments that it intends to repeal on 31 December 2023, here

The only ones I could see which are relevant to employment law (and they’re pretty obscure Regulations) are:

  • The Community Drivers’ Hours and Working Time (Road Tankers) (Temporary Exception) (Amendment) Regulations 2006

  • The Posted Workers (Enforcement of Employment Rights) Regulations 2016

  • The Posted Workers (Agency Workers) Regulations 2020

So nothing major.

As employment law writer and speaker Darren Newman put it on Twitter“I see that the REUL Bill will revoke Commission Decision of 12/11/08 on a temporary derogation from the rules of origin laid down in Annex II to Council Regulation (EC) No 1528/2007 to take account of the special situation of Kenya with regard to tuna loins. We’re free at last!”

If you want to read more, there is an excellent piece by David Allen Green here