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Good Work Plan - Update

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[Thank you to Darren Newman for spotting this]

Following yesterday's announcement of the Good Work Plan, the government has laid the first statutory instruments.

The Employment Rights (Employment Particulars and Paid Annual Leave) (Amendment) Regulations 2018 comes into force on 6 April 2020. It provides that the written statement of employment particulars must be given from day one of employment. It also changes the rules for calculating a week's pay for holiday pay purposes, increasing the reference period for variable pay from 12 weeks to 52 weeks.

The Agency Workers (Amendment) Regulations 2018 abolishes the Swedish Derogation for agency workers. It also comes into force on 6 April 2020.

The Employment Rights (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2019 extends the right to a written statement to workers (previously employees), increases penalties for aggravated breaches of employment law, and lowers the percentage required for a valid employee request for the employer to negotiate an agreement on informing and consulting its employees.