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Good Work Plan: Government Proposals

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Ignore what you're hearing in the news.  This morning's proposals by the government about implementing aspects of the Taylor Good Work Report are a damp squib.  Most significantly, there are no proposals about changes to the law on employment status (although there is going to be a consultation - see below).

According to the Government's Press Release, it will:-

  • introduce a right to request a more stable contract for all workers including zero hour workers (anyone got a clue what that means?);


  • help enforce workers' sick and holiday rights;
  • introduce a 'naming and shaming' scheme for employers who don't pay tribunal awards;
  • make sure new and expectant mothers know their rights;
  • ask the Low Pay Commission to consider introducing a higher rate of the national minimum wage for workers on zero hour contracts.


  • As for the big stuff, there are no proposals but instead four separate consultations being launched (no dates are given in the Press Release), seeking views on legislation for:
  • enforcement of Taylor's employment rights recommendations;
  • protecting agency workers;
  • measures to increase transparency in the UK labour market; and,
  • employment status