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Employment Tribunals listing direction review outcome

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The Presidents of Employment Tribunals (England & Wales and Scotland) have carried out a second review of their Joint Direction, first issued on 19 March 2020, amended on 24 March 2020 and subject to a first review on 29 April 2020, regarding the listing of Employment Tribunal cases during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following on from that review the Direction remains in force in its current form. The Presidents will shortly issue a ‘road map’, appended to an amended FAQ sheet, which provides further detail about the listing and methods of conduct of ET hearings over the next few months.

The crucial part of the Direction is that 'in person' hearings commencing before Friday 26 June 2020 are all converted to case management hearings by telephone (or electronic means), and all hearings commencing on or after Monday 29 June 2020 will - subject to further Direction - be proceeding.

The 'road map' is going to be an important document. I anticipate it will be published early next week; hopefully in time for our Q&A webinar with Employment Tribunals (E&W) President Judge Barry Clarke on Tuesday morning. Registration for the webinar has now closed, but a recording will be made available for free after it has taken place.