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Employment Tribunal User Group - September 2022

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The minutes for the National Employment Tribunal User Group for September 2022 have been published.I’ve read them so you don’t have to.  Key points:

  • London Central employment tribunal is likely to move from Victory House to new premises in Newgate Street (near the Old Bailey) sometime in 2024.
  • New cases have returned to their pre-pandemic level of about 600-700 cases a week (following a rush of cases about six months into the pandemic).
  • There continue to be significant variations between regions in the waiting time for listed cases.  The longest delays are in Reading, Watford, London South, London East and the North West, where (as of September 2022) 6-10 day cases were being listed into 2024.
  • Judge Clarke (President of Employment Tribunals, E&W) paid tribute to two retiring Regional Employment Judges, Judge Joanna Wade (London Central) and Judge Carol Taylor (London East).