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Employment Tribunal Survey

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The DTI has published an extensive report (121 pages!) as a result of a survey of tribunal users in 2,700 cases.

Some examples of the findings:

• 5% of Applicants had made previous applications to a tribunal. 56% of employers had not faced a claim before;
• 7% of sex claims are brought by men. 15% of race claims are brought by white people;
• 82% of employers said written statements of terms and conditions had been issued. Only 60% of employees agreed;
• solicitors were consulted (for advice, albeit not necessarily representation) by 63% of employers and 49% of employees;
• 62% of employees who settled their cases said they definitely or probably would not have settled without ACAS involvement;
• nearly 2/3rds of employees report stress as a result of their claim, and 16% of employees withdrew their case because of stress;
• 4% of employers have a policy of always going to a hearing, irrespective of costs or merits;
• 21% of employers had made changes to their procedures as a result of the case.

Perhaps most interestingly, public sector employees:

• bring over double the number of discrimination claims as private sector employees;
• are more likely to withdraw their cases;
• are less likely to settle their cases (one might speculate that is because of the employer's approach); and,
• are less likely to succeed at a full hearing that a private sector employee.

The full report can be seen here (Adobe Acrobat required).