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Employment Tribunal Statistics Quarter 2, 2014

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The Ministry of Justice has just released the statistics for employment tribunals for April to June 2014.

They reveal a 71% drop in claims (70% in single claims) compared with the same period in 2013.

A more significant statistic is that single claims are down one-third on the last quarter (Jan-Mar 2014), which is probably in large part due to the introduction of compulsory Acas Early Conciliation on 6th May 2014 (it was voluntary from 6th April).

Employment lawyers shouldn't overlook that there remain many ways to be extraordinarily successful, even in a contracting market (see, for example, and  But many people will be keeping their fingers crossed and hoping that there is a change of government after the next election, given Chuka Umanna's announcement on Monday that a Labour government will review the entire system.