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Employment Tribunal Statistics: January - March 2014

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The MOJ has released the most recent set of employment tribunal statistics.

They're not immediately easy to work out, and I've put some key points below: meanwhile, you can download my powerpoint slides on the impact of employment tribunal fees (note: these do not include today's statistics).

- there were 5,619 single claims lodged Jan-Mar 2014, compared with 13,491 single claims lodged Jan-Mar 2013 - which is a 58% reduction in single claims compared with the same period last year.

- nevertheless, there appears to be a slow rise upwards in the number of single claims compared with Oct-Dec 2013.

The statistics for October to December 2013, which were the first set to be produced showing the impact of tribunal fees, showed a 67% drop in the number of single claims, and a 79% drop overall.