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Employment Tribunal Reform - Update

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Earlier this week, the Employment Tribunals National User Group received an update on the ongoing project to update employment tribunal case management technology. As set out in more detail in these slides:

  • HMCTS, judges, representatives, litigants in person and Acas will have access to digitally stored tribunal documents, meaning there will no longer be a need for paper files.
  • ET1s and ET3s will be lodged online.  Of course, they already are - but this is a more sophisticated system which also contains greater guidance for those completing the forms.
  • applications will be made online and automatically sent by email to the other side.  At the moment, functionality allows Claimants to withdraw their cases online, but this will be extended to all potential applications.
  • Judges will review applications digitally and make their decisions online (at least, where no hearing is required).
  • it is currently being tested in Glasgow, Leeds, Bristol and Nottingham. Roll-out to professional representatives (for lodging ET3s) is expected next month, with further releases updating the service over the coming months.