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Employment Tribunal Annual Statistics

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[Thanks to Louise Jones of Temple Garden Chambers for providing this case summary]

The ET and EAT Statistics for 2009-10 have been published and can be found at

They reveal an overall increase (a rise of 56% from 2008-9) in accepted claims, mainly due to a rise in the number of multiple claims, but also partly due to the changing economic climate. Thus accepted claims are at their highest levels.

The particular impact of the economic recession appears to have been in the areas of unfair dismissal, breach of contract and redundancy claims, where jurisdictional claims in these areas had increased by 17% from
2008-9 and 62% from 2007-8.

Of particular note is that, of the 392,800 jurisdictional claims received in the year, just under a quarter related to the Working Time Directive (largely multiple airline industry cases that are resubmitted every three months) and 75,500 were unauthorised deductions (Wages Act).

The statistics show that there is no real difference in the number of appeals dealt with by the EAT in the last year by comparison with 2008-9.