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Employment Relations Bill - Correction

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A keen reader has pointed out to me that I missed out the word 'Relations' = in the second sentence of the first paragraph below (aptly, she works for S= pecsavers). It should have said 'Employment Relations Act 1999', not 'Empl= oyment Act 1999'. Corrected version follows:

Employment Relations Bill
The government has, this morning, introduced the Employment Relations Bill = in the House of Commons. The Bill 'tweaks' the Employment Relations Act 19= 99, following the review that took place after the first three years of the= Act's operation.

The Bill contains:

  • clarification of procedures for establishing what is an appropriate barga= ining unit for compulsory union recognition;=20
  • an amendment incorporating the ECHR's decision in Wilson & Palmer, namely= that employers cannot pay an enhanced rate to 'buy out' an employee's righ= t to be bound by union agreements;=20
  • greater case management powers for the CAC=20

and other similar matters