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EAT Conciliation Protocol

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The EAT Conciliation Protocol has now been placed on the EAT website (see bulletin 10/12/04, below). At the time of writing, the 2004 Practice Direction, which came into force last week, is still awaited.

EAT Conciliation Protocol


BULLETIN 10 / 12 / 04

New EAT Practice Direction

Yesterday, the EAT handed down a new Practice Direction which came IMMEDIATELY into force (9th December 2004).

It is broadly similar to the December 2002 Practice Direction, which it replaces, but is updated to reflect the new EAT Rules of Procedure.

The main changes include:

- clarification of the documents that MUST be lodged when lodging a Notice of Appeal;

- clarification of time limits for lodging an appeal;

- refining the 'sift' procedure;

- a new section dealing with wasted cost applications against legal representatives.

The Practice Direction is not yet available on the EAT website (I have been told it is going up within the next couple of days). I will send another bulletin with the link as soon as the Practice Direction is placed on the net.

Acas to be involved in EAT appeals

Also handed down yesterday (but not yet on the EAT website) is a new EAT Conciliation Protocol.

In cases involving allegations of bias or pure money appeals, the EAT will now consider referring the case to Acas for conciliation.

This is to run as a four month pilot project from 1st January 2005.

Again, as soon as the Protocol is published on the net, I will send another bulletin with the link.