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DTI Unfair Dismissal Guide

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[A job advertisement (Glasgow region) appears at the end of this bulletin] 

***PLEASE NOTE*** I have been asked to stop using the identifying phrase '[Employment Law List]' at the beginning of the subject line for these bulletins, as it stops some people seeing the full subject in their Email boxes. This may mean that some people lose the ability to use Mail Rules to divert the bulletins automatically into an Email folder. If it bothers enough people into Emailing me back, I'll reinstate the '[Employment Law List]' prefix.

Since the DTI guides to the law in my bulletin of 16th October proved popular (1,586 of you clicked through to the links), I will keep notify people whenever new ones are published.

Happily, nobody has to wait very long! Late on Friday afternoon, the DTI published its updated guide to unfair dismissal on its website.