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Dispute Resolution (and other) Consultations

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The government has published its consultation paper seeking views on amendments to the dispute resolution and other employment law matters.

The matters under consultation include:-

  • extending the definition of a 'relevant advisor' who can sign off a compromise agreement (to include CIPD members);
  • changing the current position on interest accruing on tribunal awards;
  • broader powers for tribunals to make recommendations in discrimination cases;
  • introducing a procedure for chairman to make decisions on the papers only, without a hearing, in
  • certain jurisdictions (with the parties' consent);
  • adding Holiday Pay to the list of jurisdictions normally heard by a chairman sitting alone;
  • clarifying the 'withdrawal' and 'dismissal' provisions of rule 25;
  • revised ET1 and ET3 forms;
  • transitional provisions for the abolition of the statutory dismissal and grievance procedures.

The closing date for responses to the Consultation Paper is 26 September 2008.