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Consultation Paper on Paid Holiday

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The government has today published a consultation paper proposing changes to the Working Time Regulations 1998.

These proposals are as a result of Tuesday's decision of the ECJ in BECTU v UK (see bulletin 26.6.01), holding that the UK 13-week qualifying period for holiday pay is in breach of the Working Time Directive.

Curiously, the proposed amendments provide that in the first year of employment, holiday pay "shall the rate of 1/12th for each month of employment". In other words, holiday entitlement will not start until the worker has worked for one month.

This appears to remain incompatible with the Working Time Directive, which provides for the right to paid holiday to begin accruing from the first day of employment.

The consultation paper can be downloaded from (Adobe Acrobat needed). The closing date for responses is 27th July 2001.