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Commons Select Committee launches Inquiry into Tribunal Fees

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The Commons Justice Select Committee has launched an inquiry into court and tribunal fees, with a particular focus on whether the introduction of fees has affected access to justice. Important:This is different from the Ministry of Justice’s review of employment tribunal fees.

Here are the main differences between the Justice Select Committee Inquiry, and the MOJ internal review:-

- the Select Committee is taking evidence from external bodies, including court/tribunal users. The MOJ internal review is not.

- the Select Committee is made up of 11 cross-party MPs. The MOJ internal review is being undertaken by MOJ civil servants.

- the Select Committee’s terms of reference are looking at courts and tribunals generally. The MOJ internal review is only considering the impact of employment tribunal fees.

- the MOJ internal review’s terms of reference include assessing whether the fees regime has successfully transferred costs from the taxpayer to tribunal users. The Select Committee’s terms of reference do not include that objective.