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Claim and Response Forms

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Thanks to Gaby Charing, policy adviser on discrimination and employment law to the Law Society's Law Reform and Legal Policy Team, for sending me a copy of this letter from the Employment Tribunal Service

As subscribers will know, employment tribunals are not accepting Claim and Response forms which are generated by solicitors' own systems (eg LaserForms).

The ETS, in an open letter to the Law Society Law Reform and Legal Policy Team, has said that it has developed - and is about to launch - a scheme on its website which will allow users to send Claim and Response forms electronically via their case management systems. The ETS will then automatically convert the data into the prescribed format via its website and submit it to the correct tribunal office.

Clearly a step in the right direction. Let's hope it works!

Click to view letter from ETS to the Law Society (.pdf document, 200k)