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Apologies for the lack of bulletins over the last two weeks - I have been on holiday! This bulletin is in the nature of a 'catch-up', containing three miscellaneous items of general information.

1. Launch of ELA website
ELA has launched a website containing ELAKOL (ELA knowledge on line) and copies of press releases and articles from ELA Briefing. Non-members of ELA can obtain subscription details from the site, which can be found at

2. Central Arbitration Committee
The members of the CAC have now been appointed - they are listed on the DTI website press release pages.

In addition, the CAC has now moved from the premises it previously shared with ACAS to Third Floor, Discovery House, 28-42 Banner Street, London EC1Y 8QE (tel: 0207 251 9747).

3. Part-Time Regulations
According to the DTI, as at lunchtime today, it is "likely" that the final Regulations will be published within the next two weeks. They will have an 8-week period between being laid before parliament and commencement. Thus they are unlikely to come into force before the beginning of July. The EC Directive required compliance by the UK by 7th April 2000. Time for some Francovich actions?