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BIS Survey of ET Applications

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BIS has today published its Findings from the Survey of Employment Tribunal Applications 2013.

Coming in at a whopping 280 pages, this is the first such survey in five years. About 2,000 employees and 2,000 employers were interviewed for the survey. Here are some of the key findings:-

- 79% of small employers had not been involved with a tribunal claim over the last two years

although the employees surveyed issued their claims before fees were introduced, 49% said that paying an issue fee would have influenced their decision to issue proceedings (mainly those with lower salaries or unlawful deductions claims)

- 67% of employers use a representative at the hearing, whereas only 33% of Claimants use a representative

- 79% of cases in which an offer was made resulted in settlement. The opening offer was made by the employer (rather than employee) 61% of the time

- 17% of claims went to a full hearing (remember this is cases issued before fees were introduced)

the median tribunal award was £3,000, and the median level of expected award (by Claimants) was £4,000

- 87% of employers said the award had been paid, whereas just 63% of Claimants said they had received the money of those who paid for legal or professional advice, the median amount paid was £3,000

- 72% of claims were against private sector employers (broadly similar to the 69% of people who work in the private sector).

Interesting but not life-changing stuff. For much more life-changing stuff - particularly on the impact of Acas Early Conciliation and employment tribunal fees - have a think about coming along to join me at the