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BIS annnouncement on minimum wage and employment status

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Thanks to Laurie Anstis of Boyes Turner, who is standing in for Daniel Barnett this month.

Following Vince Cable’s speech to the Liberal Democrat conference yesterday, BIS have made two new employment law announcements:

1. National minimum wage reform

The government is to propose to the Low Pay Commission that there should be a single national minimum wage rate for apprentices and 16-17 year olds, with the apprenticeship rate rising by just over £1 to match the rate for 16-17 year olds.

2. Employment status

The government has launched a “wide-ranging employment review to help clarify and potentially strengthen the employment status of workers”. According to the press release:

“Officials at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills will today start the process of determining how clear the current employment framework is, what the options are to extend some employment rights to more people and whether there is scope to streamline this very complex area of employment law, thus simplifying and clarifying rights for both employers and employees.”