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Age Discrimination - personal organiser

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I've been sent a copy of a 'Be Ready' Personnel Organiser, produced by the Age Partnership Group. It's a filofax full of useful information on age discrimination for employers, plus a CD-ROM with training courses on age discrimination awareness.

It's a really good free guide. It will be more useful for HR professionals and employers than for lawyers, but solicitors might want to pass details about it onto clients as a marketing exercise.

You can get copies (as many as you want) by sending a blank Email to (you will automatically be Emailed back a link to a website request form). You can also phone 0845 715 2000, but you may have problems getting through if a lot of people receive this bulletin and dial the number simultaneously.

Note the Age Partnership Group is fairly overwhelmed with demand (it took about six weeks for me to get my copy), so don't expect anything too quickly.

And just for information, the Age Discrimination Regulations are due to be published in draft form by the end of this month, and will be put out for a three month consultation period.