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Acas Report into Firing and Rehiring

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Acas has published its long awaited report on dismissal and re-engagement.

It’s very, very long. It’s a little bland and doesn’t really come to any clear conclusions or recommendations. This is lifted from the Executive Summary:

“Suggested legislative options included: tightening up the law around unfair dismissal; enhancing the requirement and capacity for employment tribunals to scrutinise business’ rationale for change in relevant cases; protecting continuity of employment in fire-and-rehire-scenarios; and strengthening employers’ consultation obligations around proposed dismissals.

“Suggested non-legislative options included: improved guidance for employers on relevant legal obligations and good practice; using data on fire-and-rehire to inform decisions around public procurement and access to government funding; and publishing ‘name and shame’ data on employers’ use of fire-and-rehire practices on a government website.”

If you’re interested in learning more about dismissal and re-engagement, my course on Changing Terms and Conditions of Employment was released on Monday and has a module on dismissal and re-engagement. Members of get access for free.