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Acas Early Conciliation: Important Change

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The Acas Early Conciliation rules come into force next week, on 6th April 2014 (they are optional for the first month, and become mandatory on 6th May 2014).  An amending statutory instrument has been published making an important change.

The original statutory instrument provided that where there was more than one potential Respondent, the Claimant only needed to name one on the Early Conciliation Form.  An amending statutory instrument has just been published, now requiring a Claimant to submit a separate Early Conciliation Form for each Respondent (or, if notifying Acas by phone, identify each Respondent over the phone).

I'm running a telephone seminar on Wednesday, 9th April which will explain exactly how Acas Early Conciliation works, including:-

- how to register a claim with Acas

- the new role of 'Early Conciliation Support Officer'

- Claimants and Respondents who don't cooperate

- what happens if conciliation succeeds

- what happens if conciliation fails

- extensions of limitation periods - the pitfalls

- what if Acas doesn't receive the Early Conciliation form?

- problem areas

More information and registration details (£75+VAT).