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Acas 2018/2019 Annual Report

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Acas has just published its 2018-19 Annual Report, which highlights the consistently high demand for their early conciliation services. Following the Unison decision abolishing tribunal fees in July 2017, the demand for the early conciliation service has continued to increase.

The demand for early concliation rose by over 20% compared with last year, with 133,000 requests for Early Conciliation (of which 2.9% were requested by the employer).  ET1s were subsequently presented in just over a quarter of them (26.8%).

My favourite statistics - and yes, I have favourites! - are that the cost of processing each individual conciliation is £120 (goodness - that seems high), and that the cost of each helpline enquiry (which includes Facebook queries and webchat questions answered) is £7.84.