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A Typical Workers

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Remember s23 of the Employment Act 1999? That's the section that gave the government the right to roll out employment rights to all categories of workers, not just 'employees'.

The DTI has, today, announced the results of its review of employment rights under s23. Is it going to clarify the status of agency workers, or give clergy express rights to claim unfair dismissal? The potential is just endless...

Well, have a look at the DTI's press release. In the face of this opportunity to clarify the employment rights of atypical workers, the government plans to...

  • fulfil the Government's commitment to make time equivalent to bank holidays additional to annual holiday entitlement.
  • crack down on rogue employers (whatever that means)
  • errr... that's about it!

For anyone who wants to read the full response to the employment status consultation, have a look here. And for the DTI's 'Success at Work' strategy paper, which sets out the government's vision for access to employment rights in the future, click here.

[Thanks to Gaby Charing, Policy Adviser on Discrimination and Employment Law to the Law Society, for telling me this had been published]