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1st October 2010 changes

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A quick note of the changes coming into force this Friday.

1. Equality Act 2010
Most parts of the Equality Act 2010 come into force. This huge legislative tome will doubtless have lawyers arguing over the minutiae for years to come. But other than partially prohibiting pre-employment health questionnaires, it actually makes no difference whatsoever to what employers need to do. Storms and teacups. For a good summary of the Equality Act 2010, see this Law Society practice note.

2. Minimum Wage 
The annual increase in the national minimum wage comes into force. The principal rate increases from £5.80 to £5.93 per hour (now payable from age 21). Other rates can be seen here. For what it's worth, London Mayor Boris Johnson has increased the London 'living wage' to £7.85 per hour, but this has no legal standing and is completely unenforceable