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Reform UK's manifesto

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Summary: Not very much to see here - light on the detail.

Reform UK’s manifesto (or ‘contract’, as they call it) is light on detail in terms of its plans for employment law. Here’s what it says:

- A promise to abolish IR35 rules to support sole traders

- A general pledge to ‘'scrap thousands of laws that hold back British business and damage productivity, including employment laws that make it riskier to hire people’'. It’s not clear which laws Reform UK are referring to here.

- A promise to '‘replace’' the Equalities [sic] Act 2010. Reform UK argue that the '‘Equalities [sic] Act requires discrimination in the name of ‘positive action’. It costs the economy billions of pounds, and has become a lawyer’s charter to print money. It has destroyed meritocracy, spread division and led to exclusion for some in majority groups. Scrap all Diversity Equality and Inclusion roles that cost huge sums, create division, inequality and exclusion, and reduce productivity.’'

- A pledge to “scrap EU Regulations with immediate effect. British Laws on [employment] are still based on EU regulations.”