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Furlough - six tidbits

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Here are six things that happened yesterday...

1. HMRC told a Parliamentary Select Committee that the online portal will open on 20 April, with the first reimbursements made on 30 April. See this recording (the relevant bit is at 9:55:48 - thanks to Mike Clyne for sending me the link).

2. HM Treasury sent an email to David Johnston MP, stating that employees who are TUPEd to a new employer after 28 February will be eligible for furlough.

3. HMRC Customer Support tweeted that it is possible to take annual leave when on furlough, and it must be paid at full pay.

4. The House of Commons Library (which issues briefing notes for MPs) issued FAQs on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. It doesn't say anything new, but it's a useful summary of the furlough scheme.

5. I've joined with 28 employment barristers to bring you something to keep that boredom away.

6. My colleague at Outer Temple Chambers, Andrew Allen QC, has written an article on Hearings by Electronic Means in employment tribunals.