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Conservative Manifesto - Employment Law

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Summary: A big pile of nothing in the Tory manifesto.

The Conservative Manifesto 2024 has been published.

A search for the words ‘employment’ and ‘jobs’ displays no proposals about changes to employment law (just lots of information about how good the Conservatives have been, and will be, at creating jobs).

A closer search reveals the following proposals:

- overhaul the ‘fit note’ system to move responsibility from GPs to other healthcare professionals

- continue with the implementation of minimum service level agreements (re industrial action)

- cut employee’s national insurance to 6% from 2027

- abolish national insurance for self-employed people by the end of the next parliament


The first two aren’t new announcements, and the second two are more tax than employment law.

So a big fat pile of nothing new.

Labour manifesto expected later this week. 

Here are my bulletins summarising the LibDem manifesto: here and here.