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8 seconds past midnight

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We all thought the 88 second case was amusing, but here's an even closer shave! A second-year law student, charging �150ph to represent the Claimant, hit the 'transmit' button on the ETS website at 1 second before midnight on the last day for presentation of an ET1 claim. It arrived on the ETS server at 8 seconds past midnight.

The EAT (HHJ McMullen presiding) confirmed the claim was out of time.

The EAT also drew attention to the provisions of the Compensation Act 2006, which prohibits non-lawyers from representing litigants (other than for free, or in limited cases such as charities) unless they are formally registered with, and regulated by, the new Regulated Claims Management Service. The EAT sent a clear warning shot to unqualified and unregistered representatives by referring this law student to the Regulated Claims Management Service. Breach of the registration requirements is punishable by two years in prison.

[Thanks to Ed McFarlane of Mentor Services for telling me about this case]

Miller v Community Links Trust